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This is a side blog, dedicated to YouTubers and used for writing. I take requests for writing, so please feel free to send any requests in! So if you have a request, send it on in with the fanfic idea/theme and the pairing and I shall write it for you and post it dedicated to you once it is done!
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Dlive has his own street! #Dlive22891


If I win I get to kill you in real life.

MInx (CHILLED VS MINX | TOME: Immortal Arena)

Ze and Chilled EXPOSED (by Minx)

Chilled: Ze, what happened?!
after Minx does a cheeky bit of murdering...
Chilled: Minx, I can't believe you killed my boyfriend in the bathtub.
Ze: Wow, you finally acknowledge me as your boyfriend
Chilled: I figured we should put labels on it I guess
Minx: I'm gonna have a thumbnail of you two making out, and it will be like "ZE AND CHILLED EXPOSED" *giggle*
Chilled: Ze and Chilled's excellent adventure
Dlive: Just before PAX!
Ze: Oh we've been exposed since 2011 don't worry

This is my lie-craft server, you have to tell a lie.
or u will get shot in the face


Ps here is my picture with ChilledChaos.

It was super awesome to see everyone again! :)


Met these silly guys today. They were all so sweet, and tall! Like shit, Chilled, get on my level.


so basically sparklez pulled off the ultimate kill x


Breakout Card for the LNC (I hope they like it)

also gif vers: